We are raising $50,000 for the purchase of a floathouse for the Musgamagw-Dzawada'enuxw movement to evict fish farms from their unceded territory, thereby protecting wild salmon, community, and culture. The floathouse would serve as a safe, warm, mobile camp on the water for people to harvest and preserve traditional foods. Currently, it is difficult for local First Nation elders and youth to participate in the fish farm occupations because of a lack of safe, comfortable shelter. The floathouse would serve as a base for the occupations to continue year-round, until all 18 fish farms are successfully removed from Musgamagw territory (located in the Broughton Archipelago).                                                                                                     

The floathouse will be used as HQ for the fish farm evictions; a base that chiefs, youth, and elders can come out to support the movement.  It would also fill the role of a base for monitoring, studying, and bearing witness to unauthorized aquaculture operations.


After the first fish farm eviction is successful, the floathouse will serve as a harvesting station - complete with a smokehouse on the float for preserving clams, halibut, salmon, deer, and other traditional foods.  Dependant on the movement’s current needs, the floathouse will likely be moved to continue to act as a base for the next eviction process.


The floathouse will serve as a permanent camp in the territory to re-presence the land. It will act as a base for the Musgamagw-Dzawada’enuxw to learn and practise their culture and reconnect with their territory and community; bringing healing and re-establishing sovereignty over traditional lands and waters.

Your support is essential for bringing this project to life. Thank you for your consideration. Please contact us to donate to this specific project or make a donation here via credit card with a note specifying how you would like your donation used.


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