What we do


Gathering Allies provides financial and logistical support to Indigenous groups working to revitalize their culture and re-occupy their traditional lands. Our current geographic area of focus is the lands and waters of Indigenous Nations of the Pacific Northwest.

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We aim to maintain a Solidarity Fund that both well-established and newly-formed initiatives can draw from when immediate needs arise. We recognize that the funds raised by grassroots Indigenous-led campaigns are often quickly allocated for a specific established purpose and our goal is to have a reliable fund available for critical, immediate, and potentially unanticipated needs.

Financial support includes

  • Funds for tools and supplies needed to maintain an action site or project, including building materials, food, and fuel
  • Travel subsidies for Indigenous leaders and their spokespeople to visit other communities, share their experiences, and meet potential allies
  • Funding for events held to disseminate the experiences of Indigenous leaders and their spokespeople
  • Travel subsidies to Indigenous persons traveling to support these projects

  • Hosting Fundraisers

Logistical support includes

  • Organizing venues and event planning
  • Coordinating and screening volunteers
  • Gathering requested resources